Easy Cathedral Window

I was talking to Tall & Handsome this morning and I mentioned we needed to do a Cathedral Window quilt now that winter is coming.

He looked at me and asked, “What’s that”?

So, I proceeded try and explain the Cathedral Window. Then I started to hunt something online and found this tutorial by Missouri Star Quilt Company. I love their videos!

It had T & H at “no handwork” – darn it! Cozy handwork while winter is coming just flew out the window.

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Free Pattern – Windmill

Today’s free pattern is a easy 6 inch block. I’ve presented it in bright colors, but you can use your own color scheme.

You’ll want to piece the interior windmill first by sewing the B pieces together. Finally, you’ll sew 2 A pieces together to form each corner and then attach to each corner.

Press seams toward dark fabric.

Windmill – Complete Pattern download here.


Happy National Quilting Day

Today is National Quilting Day, so I thought I’d share the pattern for a cute little wall hanging to celebrate the day.

Easy, small and fun, you can whip it together in no time. Click on the link to open the PDF.

As always, I suggest 100% cotton fabric.

Jen’s Spools Complete


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Experimenting with Color

When I first started quilting, very quickly I learned color can make or break a quilt. I spent some time learning the Color Wheel. I read a lot about color and how colors work together to create certain looks. I also learn it’s ok to take risks sometimes. They actually pay-off.

Here’s a resource that you might find interesting – a tutorial on how to use the Color Wheel when picking colors for your projects.

Let’s look now at a design I’ve been playing around with. I’ve combined two blocks – the Honey Bee and the Pinwheel Nine Patch. I played around with color and here’s the result on one such experiment:

Honey Bee Mystery Color edition

I know! Kind of wild, right? I have some other selections more subdued, but I thought this would be good to illustrate my point.

Now, I’ve had the opportunity to play with more colors to see which I prefer. I thought I’d give you the same opportunity with, what else, a quilter’s coloring sheet.

Honey Bee Coloring Sheet

Click on the link above and you should be able to open a PDF file that you can print out and try your hand at experimenting with color. Your download with look similar to this:

Honey Bee Coloring Sheet

Have fun playing with color – and don’t be afraid to go outside your comfort zone. If you do try it out, post some of your results in the comment section.

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Where is Liz Porter?

My Tall & Handsome and I have always enjoyed watching Fons and Porter on our local PBS station on Saturday afternoons. We usually would DVR the show and watch it later. We got a lot of good tips and inspiration from the show.

A few years ago we began to notice Liz Porter was missing from the show and wondered where she was.

Good news for Liz, but sad news for us – Liz has retired to Texas and from the sound of it is having a grand time. Catch up with Liz in this article from APQS: Up Close Quilting with Liz Porter.

Why quilting is ‘uniquely’ good for us | Daily Mail Online

I personally deal with several chronic and disabling autoimmune disorders and ailments. I’m a two times non-smoking lung cancer survivor. I’ve been quilting for 30 years or more now and I can tell you quilting has seen me through illness and a divorce. I have found comfort in quilting that is in nothing else.

The link to the article below is about a Glasgow University study that has found the beneficial quality quilting offers quilters.

A Glasgow University study found quilting improved well-being in ways physical and outdoor activities could not, offering a creativity that had been ‘stifled’ in the modern world.

See article here: Why quilting is ‘uniquely’ good for us | Daily Mail Online

How to Choose Quilt Batting: Tips to Keep in Mind

If you’re getting ready to quilt you latest quilt top, this article has some great info that will help pick the batting for your project.

From cotton batting to polyester blends, the batting choices available to quilters are vast. Learn more about your options for choosing quilt batting.

See Article:  How to Choose Quilt Batting: Tips to Keep in Mind

Oh, Those Hexies!

We’ve all had our own person experience with hexies – also know as hexagons. For the last several years they’ve been quite the rage.

I developed a fondness for hexies years ago as a young quilter when I was honing my English paper piecing skills. I’ve used them to make Grandmother’s Flower Garden blocks among other things.

Imagine my surprise to discover yet another technique for those lovable hexies. It’s a paperless hexie – that’s right, no template required. Take a look and see what you think.


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