Southern Stars are Born…, by Beverly Hicks Burch

Southern Stars are Born…

By Beverly Hicks Burch

A couple of weeks ago I decided to do the Southern Stars Block of the Month (BOM) Connecting Threads had rolled out for 2009. I’ve always loved the block of the month idea. I’ve made several quilts that way…actually, my whole Maverick series is pretty much based on the concept.

The reason I call them Maverick quilts is because in some way, form or fashion I altered the blocks or overall quilt from what the shop was packaging. For instance, in some cases, I may have just used the pattern the shop distributed each month, but opted to use fabrics of my own choosing. In other cases I added fabrics or changed fabrics. Sometimes I re-drafted the blocks to change them in some manner (yes, high school geometry came in handy here). Other times I might have altered the overall look by changing the setting of the blocks or the border.

The quilts also tend to be sampler quilts, meaning each block in the quilt is a different block…a different pattern or design if you will.

Maverick I - To New Mexico finished at last

Maverick I: To New Mexico

Although when I decided to do the Southern Stars BOM I wasn’t necessarily thinking of it as a Maverick Quilt, I’ve come to realize that’s what it is. It fits that description because: (1) it is a sampler quilt…each block is a different star pattern; (2) instead of purchasing the fabrics marketed with the pattern, I opted to used fabric of my choosing. Viola…the criteria for a Maverick quilt!

My approach was to first find the border I wanted to use. Or course, it was the angel fabric I found in my stash. I’ve had this fabric for more years than I can recall, but as I’ve said I would venture to say maybe 10 years or more.

I then pulled some more fabric…and yes, went fabric shopping at a local (new) quilt shop. I posted the results of that trip previously.

Then I set about making the first two blocks…and the results are in! These blocks were totally cut using rotary cutter methods. They are 14 inch (finished) blocks. So, take a look below to see the latest stars born in the BamaSteelMagnolia™ universe. I’m planning to stay away from black holes and hope the next 10 blocks spawned will be successful…

BOM #1

Southern Stars BOM #1

BOM #2

Southern Stars BOM #2

BOM # 1 & 2

Southern Stars BOM #1 & 2 – together

© 2009 Beverly Hicks Burch All Rights Reserved.


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