Different Mysteries, by Beverly Hicks Burch

The thread has been flying and the machines have been humming recently in my quilt room. It has probably been the most used (wanted and loved) room in the house.

You see in addition to me finishing my first complete project in over three years, I have taken on an appliqué project, started the BamaSteelMagnolia™  Diary Quilt, started the Connecting Threads Southern Stars BOM quilt, and I have,  along the way discovered (to my delight) two protégés.

One has been my Tall and Handsome (DH as you quilters call your hubby). During the holiday season last year when he had some extra time off from work, he decided to embark on his “quilting as a pastime” journey. As a former college art major, quilting appeals to him on that level. He’s done great and soon I’ll have pictures up on the blog of our first joint project together. Just a hint: it combines our two heritages…

My next quilting buddy has been a sweet friend named Shari. Shari is a realtor, wife and busy mom and over the years has expressed her creative side through other needle arts. That gave her a head start. This has been her first quilt project and she breezed through it with amazing speed and acumen.

I think we are adding two very talented quilters to our midst.

Shari’s first project was a mystery quilt I facilitated as a guild project several years ago. Through the choice of fabric and quilting every finished quilt is a totally individual and different “end result”. Shari’s pops and sparkles…it’s stunning. In person it reminds me of a Persian rug or a tapestry. It’s her first quilt for her son a tall, strapping handsome kid named Phillip. So, in his honor she has christened her first project Stars Shine on Phillip

Stars Shine on Phillip by Shari

Stars Shine on Phillip, by Shari C. Alexander

Shari & her quilt

The Art & the Artist – Stars Shine on Phillip with Shari

If you ever have a chance to do a mystery quilt, I would recommend it…even as a group project. Don’t worry that everybody’s will look the same…they won’t!

Here’s the one I did when I taught the Mystery class:

Bev's Mystery

“Oh Say Cay You See, It’s A Mystery…” by Beverly Hicks Burch

You can see even thought the overall pattern in the same, the “look” is different just by using different fabric and border choices. I opted for a patriotic theme to use a border fabric I’d been eager to use. I drew my colors from it.

Border - Oh Say Can You See, It's A Mystery...

Border Fabric for “Oh Say Can You See, It’s a Mystery…”

Star - Oh Say Can You See, It's a Mystery...

Design formed by the Mystery Quilt Design

Quilting Detail - Oh Say Can You See, It's A Mystery...

Quilting Detail – “Oh Say Can You See, It’s a Mystery…”

It does my heart good to see our art continue to grow and develop, and almost anyone’s interest is piqued by a mystery. What better way to combine the two?

© 2009 Beverly Hicks Burch All Rights Reserved.


3 thoughts on “Different Mysteries, by Beverly Hicks Burch

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  2. That’s really nice. One of the things I love about quilting is the variety of quilts one gains with the same pattern. Not just the different fabrics make a difference, but also the way in which it’s quilted lends a different look.
    thank you for sharing. I didn’t know you used to teach quilting.

    • Yep, I’ve taught quilting, founded a quilt guild, been the President for several year, the program director AND the founding newsletter newsletter editor. Did you see all the batiks we got? I can’t wait the get started on a project with using them! Are yu working on anything at the moment?

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