New Southern Stars are Born…by Beverly Hicks Burch

New Southern Stars are Born…

By Beverly Hicks Burch

I know I’ve been quiet lately on the quilting front…at least on the blogging side. But, behind the scenes there has been some activity…

One of the things you learn to do when you have disabilities and chronic health issues is how to pace yourself. I learned that lesson a looooong time ago…I had to if I wanted to survive.

Two of my favorite words? Lap top. I can drag that puppy up in the bed with me and get connected! To the world…to family…to quilting…

For my birthday this year Tall & Handsome gave me EQ6. Wow, what a dream! I really haven’t had a chance to play with it until the past couple of weeks and I love, love, love it. While I’ve been recovering from some flares and other issues I’ve pulled that lap top up in my lap, propped my study buddy and a bunch a pillows up and went to “class”.

If you have the program or plan on purchasing it any time soon, I highly recommend going through the paces of the six lessons provided in the manual and watching the how-to videos embedded within the program. The lessons are easy to follow, informative and extremely helpful.

I’ve paced myself all the way through lesson five and just have lesson six left to finish. As a result, I’ve been able to use it to play with the overall design of The BamaSteelMagnolia™ Diary Quilt, draw some blocks…and be really impressed with the software. I’ve even asked myself, “Wow, does this software give quilters who own it an unfair advantage?” The potential is limited only to the user’s imagination.

I’ve also managed to pace myself to finish a block or two on the diary quilt, finish two more Connecting Threads Southern Stars Block of the Month and tentatively plan the remaining BOMs.

So, let me show you the latest Southern Stars born…BOM # 7 & 8…born during a flare ;)…

Southern Stars BOM #7 - 2

Southern Stars Block of the Month #7

Southern Stars BOM #8 - 2

Southern Stars Block of the Month #8

Southern Stars BOM # 7 & 8

Southern Stars BOM # 7 & 8 – together

© 2009 Beverly Hicks Burch All Rights Reserved.


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