Blocks without Borders

Blocks Without Borders

By Beverly Hicks Burch

If you DO NOT have a sense of humor, please don’t read any further, because YES! this is a pun…a play on Doctors without Borders, Engineers without Borders, Teachers without Borders, Librarians without Borders, Journalists without Borders, TV Reports without Borders and any other wonderful, altruistic groups out there without Borders doing great and wonderful works for humankind.

You see, my head is too muddled from days and weeks of number crunching bills, tax extensions, tea parties, billion and trillions of dollars of future generational debt, trying to sell a wonderful house in a crappy real estate market just to have people think that’s a license to steal it from you AND a bug that makes my poor weary head feel like I have 50 pounds of cotton batting stuffed in every cranial cavity.

Other than that…I’m doing just fine…

…and even with all that I’ve managed to be semi-productive…

Rather than show you my final two Southern Stars block of the months, I thought I’d show you one step further. I have actually managed to sash the blocks together and all I need to do is add borders…and of course quilt it!

So, if you will…feast your eyes upon my blocks without borders :)…

Blocks without Borders

Blocks without Borders, by Beverly Hicks Burch

© 2009 Beverly Hicks Burch All Rights Reserved.


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