One Diary Down, by Beverly Hicks Burch

One Diary Down

By Beverly Hicks Burch

I do apologize for the lack of postings lately. It has been an extremely busy spring and summer for me. I spent about a month away from home…had a doctor’s appointment and some personal “stuff” to take care of…some of which I’ll share later. But, all has not been quiet on the quilting front either!

South by Southwest is nearing completion! I’m working on the third side of the border…so less than two border sides to go and then the binding and a large quilt will be finished! It’s Tall & Handsome’s and my first joint project…

If you recall earlier this year I started a combined project inspired by Mimi Dietrich’s book A Quilter’s Diary: Written in Stitches. The book chronicles the idea of crafting “diary” quilts or quilts that tell the story of the quilter’s life…or the story of any given person’s life. Her book inspired me to start The BamaSteelMagnolia ™ Diaries a combined written and textile project. Currently, in addition to the introduction, there is Chapter 1, Chapter 2 and Chapter 3. Yes, there is more to come…when life settles down a bit. As a matter of fact, there are blocks made…waiting in the wing…just waiting for their chapter to be written…

But, I have to say…the diary quilt if a contagious little character! My friend Shari caught the bug! She picked a diary quilt as her second (ever!) project and last night she finished sashing the blocks together, and after putting the borders on and we basted that puppy and got it ready for quilting! Shari just took up quilting after the first of the year! Her quilt commemorates the life of her daddy and will be presented to him after completion.

I just couldn’t help but share some pictures of the beautiful top and the proud quilter.


Quilted Memories of Daddy's Life - 2

Quilted Memories of Daddy’s Life, by Shari Alexander

Quilted Memories of Daddy's Life - 3

Quilted Memories of Daddy’s Life and Quilter Shari Alexander


© 2009 Beverly Hicks Burch All Rights Reserved.


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