Sugar and Spice, by Beverly Hicks Burch

Sugar and Spice

By Beverly Hicks Burch

There is so much sweetness going around in my family these days it’s a wonder we all haven’t keeled over in insulin comas. Our homes are awash in pinks and the cutest little girlie girl stuff you’ve ever seen in your life.

Have we gone mad? Is there some kind of sickness afflicting us? No…well, maybe yes, mad for little girls!

You see within a matter of weeks we discovered that (1) my son, my parents’ only grandchild (to date) and his wife were expecting a baby (my 1st grandchild). (My daughter-in-law has a cute little fellow from a previous marriage.) Not too long after this news we found out the new grandbaby was going to be a girl and I was as the British say, gobsmacked! Over the moon excited!

Then (2) within a matter of what seemed like days, my sister…who I might add is only about 3 and a half year younger than me discovered her long awaited dream of adopting was about to come true. Their little girl was waiting for them in China. At the end of May they flew over to bring her home.

So, my sister is getting her first child, I’m getting my first grandchild and my parents are getting their second grandchild (mind you their 1st grandchild is 30 now!) and their first great-grandchild all within a matter of a few months.

Kinda makes me feel like I need to be on hormone therapy just to keep up…

I was out today running some errands. I had to pick up some new glasses. My stop was just a few blocks away from my sister’s house, so I called to see if I could stop by for a few minutes to see my little raven haired beauty of a niece. I was delighted to find out I could.

Oh my how she’s grown, toddling about, interacting, playing and doing normal toddler stuff. She was fascinated with Aunt Bev’s toes when I took my shoes off to dance with her. I think it was my red nail polish that struck her fancy and I promised her when she was older we would paint each other’s toenail. She’s almost 16 months old and loves to go near a computer…a girl after my heart…we’ll have to do some bonding there, too. I could just squeeze her she’s so sweet and cute!

My sister has been a career special education teacher most of her life. She’s very particular and organized. A tad of a perfectionist, too…that runs in the family and I resemble that remark myself! I had wondered how Pam would settle in to having a baby around and I have to say I was tickled and warmed by what I saw. There were toys and little girl stuff in almost every room…not dirty mind you, but just neat things for a little girl. To make one happy and secure…and loved. And, she is in the midst of fixing Abbi’s “grown up” room and it will be a little girl’s dream, complete with pink…yes, pink carpet …and of course in this family…books…books…books…

There is one word for all of it…adorable…and…adored…

I’ve just finished my Addi’s (Addison) quilt. I may have mentioned before that I’ve been quilting since 1986.

I found out last year that while I was living out of state Pam had taken some quilting lessons at a local shop. Last fall she showed me the top she had made in anticipation for her answered prayers…the the daughter that would be someday. This was her first project and it was near perfect and done in sweet little girl colors. At the time it almost broke my heart because we didn’t know if or when that dream would ever come about.

I asked Pam today about that baby quilt. And she said, “Bev, I’ve just been so swamped I haven’t had a chance to get it quilted.”

I bit my lip. My heart had been burdened for that little quilt. I wanted Abbi to have the quilt her Momma made for her and prayed over for her…before she ever even knew Abbi.

I asked Pam, “Pam, would you like your big sister to quilt Abbi’s quilt for you or is that something you want to do yourself?”

She said, “Bev, I don’t know when I’ve going to be able to quilt it and finish it.”

Long story short, when I left I had the honor of taking the quilt with me. I’ll start working on it soon. I have some things going on…still painting up at the house and getting moved in there and a trip out to see my Tall & Handsome. But this little quilt is going to be a special labor of love from me to my sister and my niece…

Abbi's Quilt

Abbi’s Quilt – My Sister Pam’s 1st project Didn’t she do great?

Abbi's Quilt - block detail

Detail of the block fabrics

quick daddy take my picture

Abigail – This was taken in China when they went to bring her home. She has grown SO much since then! Isn’t she precious?!

© 2010 Beverly Hicks Burch All Rights Reserved.


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