Island Hopping at Stepping Stones Quilts, by Beverly Hicks Burch

Island Hopping at Stepping Stones Quilts

By Beverly Hicks Burch

If you have been quilting for any length of time you know no matter where you travel one of the things you want to be sure and scope out somewhere new is…local quilt shops! Well, semi new quilter that he is (he’s started quilting almost two years ago) Tall & Handsome is no different than the rest of us quilters.

Today when we got out and about, one of the things he wanted to be sure we visited was the local quilt shop on St. Simons Island. And, even in the subtropical climate of a barrier island, a mountain gal like me will not be dissuaded from having quilting on her mind. I found out there are other like minded souls and yes, you can find a quilt shop on the island.

We had “GPS’ed” the shop in advance the other evening just to make sure we knew where we were going. Let me tell you…my experience with GPS contraptions in general and on this island in particular tells me this…the GPS is not my friend here…it is a deceiver and liar and teller of tall tales…and that’s another story all together, but in a pinch they might get you in the general area you desire (I just hate it when it talks back, too…and that “recalculating” thing…well, it just need to get over that). Just beware of traffic circles…and long dark roads…

So, this afternoon we made our way to Stepping Stones Quilts on St. Simons Island (GA). The shop is located near the airport at 301 Skylane Drive (912-638-7128). We arrived about 30 or 40 minutes before closing time, but found we had ample time to browse in Connie’s friendly and cozy shop.

Stepping Stones Quilts on St. Simons Island

The friendly red doors

Connie Vagtborg has filled her shop with over 6,500 bolts of lovely fabric that offers a variety of choices for just about any range of taste. I saw flannels, batiks, traditional cottons, novelty prints and so much more than I could name individually. I was impressed she carried a beautiful batik in 106” width that’s ideal for using as gorgeous quilt backing. I’d never seen a batik in that size. Connie was gracious enough to let us have dibs on some new batiks she had just received that afternoon and hadn’t even had time to put on the floor yet. In case you haven’t noticed it, I’ve been a little batik crazy lately and being on an island certainly feeds that fever.

Of course the shop is a complete “fill you needs” shop and offers everything else from patterns, books, notions, thread, magazines and more. T & H and I discussed taking a fabric dying class at some time in the future.

Out of curiosity I asked Connie was what the “hot” thing in the area at the moment and she said the quilters in her area were doing a lot of appliqué, especially needle turn appliqué.

If you plan on visiting the beautiful St. Simons Island area and you’re a quilter, be sure to put a little extra “pocket” change for souvenirs in your wallet. You’ll want to visit Stepping Stones Quilts and when you do I’m sure you’ll walk out with a few “souvenirs”.

Let me share what I consider my very favorite “souvenir” to buy on a trip…fabric of course! Our latest come from Stepping Stones Quilts…

Batik 1

Batik 2

Batik 3

Batiks 4 & 5

Batik 4

Batik 6

Batik 7

This is the batik in 106” width

Batik 8


Textured beauty

© 2010 Beverly Hicks Burch All Rights Reserved.


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