My Fledgling is Flying, by Beverly Hicks Burch

My Fledgling is Flying!

By Beverly Hicks Burch

This afternoon I was out with Tall & Handsome and we were taking care of some business. I happen to be sitting in a line at the drive-in window of a bank when my cell phone alerted me I had a text message.

Now keep in mind that has been a rare thing of late because the condo we’re staying in at the moment is in a technological black hole. We can’t get a cell phone signal (thanks AT & T) nor is there a functional phone in the condo. We can only reach the outside world by traveling down the road to get a signal, or by using and IM program on the computer. So, when the cell alerted, I knew it had to be somebody…and they had something to tell me.

I picked up my phone and looked at the message, and this is what it said:

“My quilt got accepted!!!”


Do you know how hard it is to do the happy dance in the front seat of a Jeep…without getting arrested? You at least have to do jazz hands!

Why am I so excited? Well, one of my fledglings is flying…and she’s flying high let me tell you.

You see a couple of years ago I began to teach my friend Shari to quilt. She did one top for her son Philip. We spent many hours and evenings at my house having quilt marathons and pizza…and she even learned on one occasion Bev could and would pull out her trusty .38 caliber pea shooter if an unknown person came skulking up to the door at an ungodly, dark time of the evening.

Shari also fell in love with Bernina at my house…and who can blame a gal for that? We talked, laughed and sometimes I would read her my most current blog. Shari thinks I need to put them in a book on tape form 😉 It’s the Southern accent don’t you know…

Well, over the course of time she noticed the project I was working on (and still am). It was my diary quilt, The BamaSteelMagnolia™ Diaries, a diary quilt based on Mimi Dietrich’s diary quilt concept. Shari fell in love with the idea and decided she wanted to do one for her daddy.

So she began picking out the fabric and the blocks she wanted to use to represent her daddy’s life. A few blocks she designed or adapted herself. Then, I took my EQ6 software and put the quilt together with that so she could see the overall general idea of what her quilt was going to look like.

She made the top, basted it, quilted it and then applied the binding. It was her first finished project. She presented it to her Daddy and he was one more proud Daddy!

About a month or so ago Shari called me one day and said, “Bev I have an outing I’d like us to do. I picked up some literature on it today. (Keep in mind we don’t live in the same state anymore.) In October there’s going to be The Georgia Quilt Show at the Gwinnett Center near Atlanta.”

She also told me she was thinking about entering her daddy’s diary quilt. This is a juried show, so she had to submit an entry form and two photographs for her quilt to be accepted to be hung in the show.

Well, on the 9th she received confirmation she was juried in! And I think I’m excited as she is!

Congratulations Shari! I so proud of you and for you!

I think I see a road trip in our future…

Quilted Memories of Daddy's Life - 3

Shari and her Daddy’s Diary Quilt

© 2010 Beverly Hicks Burch All Rights Reserved.


4 thoughts on “My Fledgling is Flying, by Beverly Hicks Burch

  1. Thanks Bev! That is really sweet. I’m printing it off and putting it in the book we made to keep up with my quilts. My dad is very excited and I think he and his wife may ride to Atlanta one of the three days of the show to take a look. I am going…and I don’t want to go by myself! We will talk about it soon. I bet there will be long arm quilting machine vendors there…..hmmmm…..

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