Tour the Completed Quilt Room–Finally!! by Beverly Hicks Burch

I finally have my quilt room/studio put together. I’m sure over time I’ll be tweaking it as Tall & Handsome and I use it more and more.

The walk in closet has shelf space for storage and T & H constructed a peg board for me to hang templates and tools. This has been on my “want” list for some time. Another “want” has been a design wall…which I finally have! I also found a neat little folding table with adjustable legs I can use in the center of the room as a cutting table. No more bending over and breaking my back while I cut fabric! I’m using stainless racks to store my stash. You can find these at Sam’s or Lowe’s.

I know I still have some quilt books that are packed up somewhere because I was looking for a specific one the other day and it’s nowhere to be found. Augghh! I hate moving!

I’m already thinking of way to fit in a quilting machine some day Smile. *cross my fingers* And, like I said, there will be plenty of tweaking as time goes by to make the space as efficient as possible.

I’m just glad to finally have my space again. There’s plenty of lightening and room for inspiration. It has revitalized  T & H and me and we can’t wait to be productive and get busy on the projects in our head.

quilt room 2

Cutting table, stash rack, and sewing areas

quilt room 3

Thread, sewing station and design wall (along with a few of my survivor beads)

quilt room 8

Sewing station 1

quilt room 7

Sewing station 2, cutting table, stash rack, hoosier cabinet that holds even MORE stash, buttons, beads, needles, etc. and the first joint project T & H and I worked on hanging on the wall on the right – South by Southwest

quilt room 6

Sewing station 2 and close up of South by Southwest; on the far left you can see a glimpse of an antique sewing stand I have. I love these old gems!

quilt room 9

More stash, quilts and quilt tops; quilt books (where are the rest?!) and another of my antique sewing standsquilt room - design wall

The design wall – a Fons and Porter tool, hung with grommets and the help of my T & H

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