The Quilt Room Update, by Beverly Hicks Burch

Over the last few months Tall & Handsome and I have been making some changes to the quilt room. The other day I was inspired by a post on organizing your space, so I thought I’d share our latest adventures in organization.

quilt studio B

The room is long (18+’) and has two doorways. This is the view from one door.

quilt studio E

View from the other door. You can see in front of the Hoosier cabinet T & H’s new pride and joy. That’s an “ironing table” not an ironing board. He wanted it for his birthday, and I have to admit, it’s nice. There’s so much surface!

quilt studio F

Our cutting table. We like this because it’s portable and we can move it out of the way when we set up the basting frames. The legs are also adjustable.

quilt studio G

Sewing machine row – well, one sewing machine and one serger. And, a better look at T & H’s ironing table. The bed to rest the iron in when not in use is a great idea and T & H added the cord manager – another fantastic idea. No more cord dragging over the fabric and getting in the way when we iron. It really is awesome when you share the same hobby with your gadget loving husband.

quilt studio H

The other sewing machine, design wall, and Sweet 16. Baby Girl wanted to make her debut in the quilt room, but, she didn’t have time to pose, thus the gray blur in the bottom center of the picture. T & H loves the Sweet 16 and is getting pretty good at it. I’m not surprised because he started college as an art major and has a lot of sketching under his belt. That comes in handy with free motion quilting.

quilt studio A

The Sweet 16, T & H’s pride and joy. He also loves the purple fabric grippers you can see on the table. They help maneuver the quilt as you free motion quilt. Also, please, get a good comfortable chair when you sit down to free motion quilt or sew. We plan on eventually getting another chair for the sewing machine station.

I’m sure over time the room will change again. I’ve learned that organizing can be an ever changing process. It’s usually spurred by a better idea or imagination.

For now, we’re happy and enjoying it…

© 2013 Beverly Hicks Burch All Rights Reserved.


2 thoughts on “The Quilt Room Update, by Beverly Hicks Burch

  1. Oh! What a wonderful place to work. No wonder you come up with so many creative and wonderful ideas. That room is an inspiritation.

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