Men and Astronauts in Quilting, Oh My, by Beverly Hicks Burch

The other day I wrote a piece about men in quilting over at HubPages. I was mostly writing about my experience in teaching my ex-husband and current husband how to quilt.

But, in doing the article I came upon some neat information like:

  • The CFO of Accuquilt is a Harley riding he man who quilts – and loves his Accuquilt GO!. Video is provided in the article.
  • And, recently Astronaut Karen Nyberg made a quilt block while on the space station. The block will be in a quilt exhibited at the International Quilt Market in Houston and will have blocks made by earth bound quilters like you and me. Now, that’s high – tech quilting! There’s also a video provided in my article of Ms Nyberg in space discussing the “perils” of space quilting.

I also write about what actually drove me to teach both guys to quilt (yes, there is some humor involved), but, there’s many benefits, too. Equal opportunity quilting 😉

And, I refer to how Tall & Handsome and I used EQ7 to make South by Southwest when he began quilting.

South by Southwest

South by Southwest – EQ7 image

There’s a lot of goodies packed into the article, so if you have a chance, check out The Benefits of Teaching Men How to Quilt.

© 2013 Beverly Hicks Burch


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