Quilting in the Digital Age

Recently we had a double water whammy downstairs. First, the newly installed water filter for the refrigerator failed and leaked –unknown to us until I walked into the kitchen hours later and saw water puddled under the fridge.

Long story short, I discovered the problem, took the filter out and mopped up the water I could until T & H could get home and pull the fridge out and reach the rest of the water.

What we didn’t know was water had seeped down below into – *drum roll* – the quilting studio! Well, isn’t that just peachy?

Unfortunately, there was a was wet spot in the middle of the floor that we had to dry up and my first edition of Quilts, Quilts, Quilts was water-logged.

After a Shop Vac, hours of fan power and dehumidifier AND some really excellent carpet deodorizer, all was well with the world again.

Until…about three days later when T & H went downstairs and discovered the condenser on the AC had run over and we had a rather large damp area. This time one box of vintage quilting magazine was soaked.

So for about a week, I walked down quilting memory lane – one that spanned 20+ years of quilting. It was amazing – sometimes stunning to see how much and how far quilting has evolved during that time. One of the most obvious evolutions was the use of computers and the digital age in quilting.

I went through each of those soggy magazines and saved articles I thought might be useful resources. My process was to tear the pages out, lay them out on a dry towel, the iron them – yes, I said iron them, punch holes in the pages and curate them in binders.

What I ended up with was a ton of inspiration…much I which I’ll be able to convert to my digital addiction/library.

Speaking of which, I’m always on the lookout for anything quilt related for my tablet, smartphone or computer. Today as I was browsing Amazon I happened upon this Kindle edition quilt book I thought I might share with yall. The title is Cornish Hedge Patchwork Quilt Design, by Jo Colwill. What’s one of the best things about this little eBook? It’s free!

I love this digital age of ours – freebies and instant access!

A damaged stack copy

Waiting to be salvaged

waiting for rehab copy

Waiting for rehab

salvaged pages copy

Salvaged Pages

the old and the new

The Old & the New  – 1st edition and 3rd edition

© 2014 Beverly Hicks Burch All Rights Reserved.


2 thoughts on “Quilting in the Digital Age

    • Thanks 🙂 Like I said, I made some lemonade out of the lemons. I got plenty of new inspiration out of “buried treasure”. It’s also given T & H and me inspiration for new ideas!

      It was neat to find a free Kindle quilt book. So different from what quilters imagined using their computers in quilting 20 years ago or so. The lists in the magazines were so funny – “helps you do your work faster so you have more time to quilt”. Oh, how things have changed! Handiquilter uses tablets on the long arm machines for computerized stitchers, of course there is EQ7 and other design software and the eBooks are neat for rotatory instructions and even foundation paper piecing. We just couldn’t visualize this in the beginning.

      Do you have any new projects going on, dear friend?

      BTW, I’ll be working on my next chapter of The BamaSteelMagnolia Diaries 😉

      Thanks for stopping by!

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