Documenting Your Work

For years I’ve been an advocate for documenting you work. I’m always sadden to see an antique quilt and  find nothing on it that tells me anything about the maker. Who was she? Where did she live? Why was the quilt made? When was it made?

Sometimes we’re fortunate enough to have a quilt that has been passed down in a family or by caretakers who have kept the history alive. But, in so many cases that isn’t so.

I began documenting my quilts early on by placing a label on the back of the quilt. You can even quilt information into the quilt – make that part of the quilting design. When I was president of a local quilt guild, I tried to make quilt documentation a program every so often.

Over at All People Quilt they have some great ideas to get you started. I’m sure you can take some inspiration and go from there. The options are only limited by imagination.

For this quilt that my husband and I made, South by Southwest:


I made this label:

South by Southwest Label

Not one of the best pictures but you get an idea.

For this baby quilt named Addi’s Ark,


I made this label:

Addi's Ark label A

I’ve made many others including cross stitched ones, but these and the ideas over at All People Quilt should start the creative juices flowing.

© 2016 Beverly Hicks Burch All Rights Reserved.


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