Experimenting with Color

When I first started quilting, very quickly I learned color can make or break a quilt. I spent some time learning the Color Wheel. I read a lot about color and how colors work together to create certain looks. I also learn it’s ok to take risks sometimes. They actually pay-off.

Here’s a resource that you might find interesting – a tutorial on how to use the Color Wheel when picking colors for your projects.

Let’s look now at a design I’ve been playing around with. I’ve combined two blocks – the Honey Bee and the Pinwheel Nine Patch. I played around with color and here’s the result on one such experiment:

Honey Bee Mystery Color edition

I know! Kind of wild, right? I have some other selections more subdued, but I thought this would be good to illustrate my point.

Now, I’ve had the opportunity to play with more colors to see which I prefer. I thought I’d give you the same opportunity with, what else, a quilter’s coloring sheet.

Honey Bee Coloring Sheet

Click on the link above and you should be able to open a PDF file that you can print out and try your hand at experimenting with color. Your download with look similar to this:

Honey Bee Coloring Sheet

Have fun playing with color – and don’t be afraid to go outside your comfort zone. If you do try it out, post some of your results in the comment section.

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